Eco-friendly PC Monitors Save More Power and Save You Money

NEC is now launching a new environmentally friendly series of PC monitors – NEC MultiSync ® EA. The series is designed with specific features that must motivate the user to protect the environment and energy.

NEC is the first on the market with screens to have a so-called “carbon footprint” measure, which gives visibility to how much CO2 you get rid of the program. Using the meter can make specific changes to its use of the screen, thus saving both money and CO2.

Eco-friendly saves costs and environmental impact

Eco-friendly saves costs and environmental impact

NEC MultiSync ® EA Series (Enterprise Advanced) saves costs and environmental impact by encouraging users to reduce energy consumption. Enabling on-screen economic function reduces power consumption by at least 20 percent. This would cut 50 grams of CO2 per kilometer per day.

By using a standby monitor less than 1 watt, which is very small for a computer, and I have PC power function instead of the screen saver, you can save up to 40 grams of CO2 per hour. With the help of “carbon footprint” meters on the screen, the user can quickly see how the various settings reduce the screen’s environmental impact. The meter function is based on international studies for calculating CO2 emissions. NEC has also worked to make the EA series more environmentally friendly using environmentally friendly technology and materials.

Our EA series is revolutionary in its approach to display technologies


and we are proud to offer it to an environmentally conscious company in the Danish market. For NEC, environment is an important factor, and with this series, we can present screens as through simple tools that encourage environmentally conscious action. At the same time you get a display that has a very good ergonomics and clean design, says Michael Toftegaard, country leader of NEC in Denmark.

The displays have also been recognized by the standardize agency EPEAT, which is awarded it shows gold and silver certification due to environmental considerations meant glow. To obtain this certification, 23 mandatory and 21 optional criteria must be met. For more info on

The EA series comes in four different screen sizes


19, 22, 24 and 26 inches. All the screens except that model are 19 inches in widescreen. The 19-inch version offers a 5: 4 screen format, because many companies continue to demand that size.

All models have a 3-year warranty – including pickup and delivery from the customer.

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