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In Switzerland, the term “loan for debt consolidation” is relatively little used: it is called rather “loan repayment”. What does this solution consist of, to whom does it address itself and can it really be saved? Read our advice and our explanations.

I need a same day payday loan

What is it about?

When you apply for a same day payday loan via Dedebt, it will only take about five minutes to process. There are only a few requirements to be able to apply for this loan.

The term loan for debt consolidation is almost never used in Switzerland. “Consolidation” ( lat. Consolidare = solidify ) refers to the economy, the combination of several individual variables to total size. Debt consolidation is the consolidation of several small loans into one big one. The customer gets a big loan to repay all his small loans. In Switzerland, one speaks frequently of credit separation.

An example

Mr. Widmer currently has a loan, for which he pays a monthly rate of 333 USD / month. He will have to pay 5’000 USD. Since he has also used his credit card a lot, their negative balance is 2000 USD. In total, this is USD 7’000 in debt that he wants to merge with a debt consolidation loan. To do this, Mr. Widmer accepts a new loan of USD 7,000, which serves:

  • Repay his previous loan
  • Repay the balance of his credit card

With an interest rate of 7.9% over a period of 36 months, this new consolidation loan has a monthly cost of 218.20 USD!

What can be regrouped?

In Switzerland it is possible to use a loan repayment to regroup the following loans:

  • personal loans
  • Unpaid Credit Cards (Visa / Mastercard / Other)
  • private leasing

The advantages

The advantages

This financing solution has two main advantages: The regrouping of debts and a reduction in the monthly installment. With a debt consolidation loan, the borrower gets a single loan that he has to repay instead of many loans. In addition, thanks to a renegotiation of the interest rate and the duration of the contract, savings of up to 40% on monthly installments (depending on the situation) are possible.

Who should you turn to?

Who should you turn to?

A debt consolidation loan is treated by law as a personal loan. So it is quite possible to contact a broker or a credit agency. If necessary, Multicrédit also offers you debt counseling, with the possibility to receive a free and non-binding analysis, which aims at an individualized solution. It is also recommended for consolidation loans not to make too many loan requests, which can lead to a negative history at the central office for loans.

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