Quick and easy money with E-Money – Loan

E-Money mini-credits are managed 100% online , from your tablet, computer or mobile. No paperwork, no payroll, no endorsements.

What to know about E-Money’s mini-credits?


They offer credits by levels: 1st contract: for a maximum amount of $ 400 to be returned in 62 days. 2nd contract: for a maximum amount of $ 500 to be returned in 62 days. 3rd contract: for a minimum maximum amount of $ 700 to be returned in 62 days. 4th contract: for a maximum amount of $ 900 to be returned in 3 months. 5th contract: for a maximum amount of $ 1,200 to be returned in 4 months.

To access these mini-credits, you will have to be of legal age.


Once approved your request will transfer order to your bank account immediately.

You will receive the money in just 15 minutes , if you operate with Bankia, BBVA, and ING. Otherwise, and depending on your bank, it will take you 24 to 48 hours to receive the money.

You have the right to return the money before the agreed expiration date, without incurring additional costs.

The daily interest rate and APR applied to your mini-credit will vary depending on the amount requested and the repayment term, except if it is your first mini-credit and the amount does not exceed 300 euros, in which case, the daily interest will be of 0% For example, APR: $ 300 for 62 days. Loan cost: $ 148. Total to return: $ 448. APR 2035%.

In case of delay or non-payment


You will have to pay a fixed commission for non-payment of $ 30 and, for each day of delay, you will be charged interest on the amount of capital (1% per day). After 45 days of default , the lender reserves the right to take legal action.

You can extend your mini-credit up to 30 days , choosing the extension period that suits you (7, 14, 21 or 30 days).When evaluating your application, E-Money will not consider if you are listed in ASNEF or any other delinquency record.

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