Alcohol prices

Drunkards Association warns of job losses if high alcohol prices tempt them to quit drinking

“It’s pure akpeteshie tot, normally it was 50 pesewas but now it’s Ghc2.00,” Moses Drybone cried, quoted by “Some bitters cure malaria. If people stop drinking, there will be a lot of unemployment in this country.

He went further to claim that some of the local alcoholic beverages have medicinal benefits for consumers, a claim that has not been medically proven.

“Moderate alcohol consumption is very healthy because it improves your health, especially for people with kidney problems. A bottle of beer a week helps the kidneys,” Alleged drybone.

Prices of goods and services have skyrocketed in Ghana due to the current economic crisis, and alcoholic beverages are no exception.

Traders and other service providers attributed the rise in prices of goods and services to high inflation, fuel prices, the depreciation of the Ghanaian cedi and many other factors that influenced the price increases that some analysts described as galloping inflation.