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Mix Things Up With Total Wine’s Made-in-Texas Liquor Companies – Chron Shopping

From masterfully prepared barbecue to hearty live music, Texas knows how to have a good time, and we refuse to sacrifice quality. Plus, it’s no secret that drinking is a hobby we take very seriously. Otherwise, how are we supposed to withstand the sweltering heat? !

It makes sense that we have a bustling liquor distilling industry, given that Texans devote their passion to the things they love — and we love a perfectly crafted cocktail. Luckily for us, Total Wine offers a wide variety of spirits made right here in the Lonestar State. Discover our picks from classic brands you know and love to younger distilleries that just might become your new favourite!

1. Tito’s Craft Vodka

Tito’s Craft Vodka


Everyone knows and loves Tito’s, but depending on where you live, you may be able to have this premium vodka delivered right to your door by Total Wine. A staple in any home bar cart, Tito’s is the perfect liquor for mixing cocktails of all kinds, from simple screwdrivers to meticulously crafted Bloody Marys. This brand of alcohol originated in Austin and is the most consumed Texan alcohol on the market.

2. Vodka Deep Eddy

deep swirl

Deep Eddy’s grapefruit-flavored vodka is popular with locals, but this liquor company has something for everyone. Produced at an eco-friendly distillery in Buda, Texas, this vodka company offers a variety of flavors for everyone to enjoy. With options on the Total Wine website ranging from cranberry to sweet tea to lemon vodka sodas, the delicious possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to drink water, because these flavored favorites go down very easily!

3. Rebecca Creek Whiskey

Rebecca Creek Whiskey & Bourbon

Rebecca Creek Whiskey & Bourbon

This distillery hails from San Antonio, Texas, and produces a variety of bourbons and whiskeys, as well as Enchanted Rock vodka. Founded in 2009, Rebecca Creek Distillery creates quality alcohol at affordable prices. Their blue label 10 Year Straight Bourbon is around $50, and they even have flavored whiskey available on that will only cost you $25 – we’re excited to try the Coconut Pecan!

4. Dripping Springs Vodka & Gin

Dripping Springs Vodka and Gin

Dripping Springs Vodka and Gin

If you like your liquor made in small batches, Dripping Springs is the distillery for you. Hailing from the Texas Hill Country, this family-owned distillery produces its own line of vodka and gin made in small batches of forty to fifty gallons. They describe their alcohol as “lush and balanced with a smooth finish,” and our mouths are watering just thinking about it! If your favorite spirit is vodka or gin, get a bottle of this Texas born and raised brand on your next order from Total Wine.

5. Red River

Red River Assorted Liquor Varieties

Red River Assorted Liquor Varieties

Red River offers all types of liquor, including bourbon, whiskey, vodka, rye, spiced rum, gin and an agave spirit – all available from Total Wine. This distillery is located just outside of Dallas, Texas and adds depth to their alcohol flavors by aging them in barrel. for example, their bourbon whiskey is refined in barrels of pinot noir: what a delight! Plus, every purchase of Red River Texas Whiskey helps support the conservation of native Texas wildlife, so you’re not just donating your hard-earned cash to a liquor store, you’re also serving the greater good.

6. Balconies


Balcones is another proven Texas distillery that produces a number of different types of alcohol. They’ve given a Texas twist to some of their creations, like their Texas Rangers Baby Blue Whiskey or ZZTOP Tres Hombres Whiskey pictured above, for anyone trying to enjoy a stiff drink “outside the Grange.” Total Wine has a wide range of Balcones liquors for sale, so browse their selection to see what appeals to you.

7. Railean Rum

Railean Rum

Railean Rum

Coconut rum, spiced rum, white rum, small cask rum – Railean is pretty much the Bubba Gump of rum. They offer a signature Texas White, tailored to the distillery that is rooted in San Leon, TX. If liquor lovers want to know more, they offer distillery tours, but for those just mixing up a batch of piña coladas at home, you can order all kinds of Railean rum directly from Total Wine.

8. Republic Anejo Texas Bottle

Republic Anejo Texas Bottle 750ml

Republic Anejo Texas Bottle 750ml


Well, sure, Republic Anejo tequila isn’t made in the Lone Star State, but this bottle is definitely made FOR us. And let’s be honest, there’s almost nothing more Texan than tequila. This blue agave tequila is made just south of the Mexican border, and this Texas-shaped bottle is simply impossible to pass up. This one makes a great gift and if you’re buying an extra at the liquor store for yourself, well, all we have to say is “Arriba!”

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