Alcohol prices

NSLC raises liquor prices by 3.5%

Starting this week, Nova Scotians are paying higher prices for beer, wine and hard liquor.

On Monday, the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation raised the price of alcohol by 3.5%.

For some customers shopping at a liquor store in Glace Bay, N.S., on Tuesday, rising liquor prices come as little surprise.

“Like everything else,” said one customer.

While prices vary for each product, the cost of beer and spirits has seen the biggest increase.

“So if you’re buying a 12-pack of Coors Light, that’s going to mean an extra dollar. If you’re buying a 750ml bottle of Captain Morgan white rum, that’s a $1.30 impact,” the door-keeper said. word of the NSLC, Beverley Ware.

Ware says the price hike is due to pressure felt by suppliers.

“Traditionally, prices have gone up or down a little bit every year. We do price reviews twice a year in the spring and fall and that has been around 1% over the last five years, it So this is a noticeable change for customers,” she said.

The owner of the Big Spruce Brewery in Cape Breton believes the markup on local artisan products sold at NSLC stores is too high and could affect sales.

“I absorb some of that reduced margin or pass it on to the consumer. The NSLC continues to collect its massive profit margin,” said Jeremy White, owner of Big Spruce Brewery.

Meanwhile, Ware says the price of cannabis is falling as more companies move into the relatively new industry.