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The alcoholic beverage companies best positioned to deal with weather disruptions

Suntory Holdings is the company best positioned to profit from disruption in the alcoholic beverage industry, according to GlobalData analysis.

The Japan-based group tops the list of global leadership rankings in GlobalData domains – Just drinks’ parent – ​​says important for liquor groups.

These areas describe the technological, macro-economic and industry-specific challenges that companies face, as well as the opportunities they create. GlobalDatas research explains how these issues can create long-term winners and losers in the beverage alcohol industry.

Suntory, home to spirits major Beam Suntory, performed strongly across multiple themes. The group received ratings of four for e-commerce, health and wellness, ESG, artificial intelligence and the concept of the “future of work”.

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Alice Popple, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, highlighted some of the initiatives Suntory has rolled out that have informed GlobalDatarankings. “Suntory scored a four for health and wellness due to its ongoing initiatives to provide consumers with innovative and healthy beverages,” she said, highlighting a “first-to-market” 0% beer. ” (for Japan).

On the future of work, Popple added, “Suntory has opened a next-generation factory in Japan that uses renewable energy and biomass for electricity. The company also installed Lumada, an Internet of Things software platform created by Japanese technology company Hitachi, to streamline factory operations. Part of the goal of technology upgrades is to reduce labor-intensive human-intensive tasks such as data collection and production line quality management,” she said. declared.

GlobalData ranked Suntory in the “top three” for virtual reality and cybersecurity, as well as “easy and affordable,” which the research group defines as companies’ efforts to “align with time constraints and consumer money”.

Popple said: “Suntory uses virtual reality/augmented reality, but only for short periods for marketing campaigns. To rank fourth in this area, Suntory must continue to invest in VR/AR technology as part of its ongoing operations.

Company ratings represent GlobalData analysts evaluations of the competitiveness of each company on a particular theme. They are then weighted by importance and used to create the final industry ranking.

Suntory is followed in the GlobalData ranking by Carlsberg, Asahi Group and Diageo.

The interactive graph below compares the ratings of companies on the ten themes in question. The higher a company is on the list, the better positioned it is to deal with future disruptions, while companies at the bottom are, according to GlobalData, more vulnerable to disruptive threats.

Click on any of the companies to compare them across all themes in GlobalData’s analysis.

These scores are based on overall technology, macro and industry-specific leadership in ten of the key themes that matter most to the beverage industry and are generated by GlobalData analyst ratings.

This article is based on research figures from GlobalData as of August 15, 2022. For more up-to-date figures, see the Global Data website.

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